Learn to Read Notes on Fiddle or Violin in 15 Minutes!

In this lesson, true to its title, I’m going to teach you how to read music on the fiddle or violin in about fifteen minutes. No kidding. Really.

This is a streamlined approach to note-reading that will teach you only what you need to know to play your first couple of beginning tunes.

Usually, when students first start learning to read music, they’re also just learning how to play their instrument. Learning what’s essentially a new language while learning to play a new instrument is kind of a lot to take on all at once!

That’s why this note-reading method is helpful. It lets you put off learning some things about note reading that, until you’ve been playing your instrument for a little while, you really won’t have much use for anyway.

Of course there’s more to reading notes than can be taught in fifteen minutes, and you’ll need to know that stuff before you play more advanced tunes, but if you’re a beginner, this will get you started reading music today.



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