Tune of the Week: “Scotland”

Over the weekend, I did a twin fiddling showcase with Catie Jo Pidel at the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association’s “12 for 12” Fundraiser, and one of the tunes we pulled out was Bill Monroe’s twin (sometimes triple) fiddling classic “Scotland.”

Now, this is a tune I hadn’t played or thought about for quite some time, but I had so much fun playing it with Catie Jo last weekend that I decided to write up a basic arrangement for twin fiddles and post it here (links below).

This version is “just the notes” only; I didn’t write in the bowing/articulation. The same goes for the recording. It’s just a quick run-through of both parts, as written, that I made on my cell phone.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be talking In this post, I talk about how to use some common bowing patterns to add  groove and drive to a basic transcription that’s written out, like this one is, in a barebones “fakebook” style.

Scotland (twin)Scotland (audio)

For inspiration, here’s a clip of Bill Monroe and Kenny Baker playing “Scotland” with none other than the great Scottish fiddler Aly Bain. Enjoy!








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