Don Stiernberg Mandolin Workshop, May 2nd from 2 to 4pm

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting a workshop by Don Stiernberg at my teaching studio here in Saint Paul on May 2nd. Don will be in town with Robbie Fulks for The High 48s‘ CD release show that evening.

In addition to being a great bluegrass picker, Don Stiernberg is a world-class jazz mandolin player, the heir apparent to and one-time student of the great Jethro Burns.

And he’s in demand as a workshop leader and instructor — a regular at David Grisman’s Mandolin Symposium.

When: May 2, from 2-4pm
Where: 701 Randolph Avenue, Saint Paul, MN
How much: $60
Registration: Just email me from my website’s contact form or call 651-271-4392.

Here’s Don’s description of what will be covered:

Workshop/seminar time will be divided into sections with intent to focus on the mandolin’s roles as both accompanist and soloist:

1. Chords: Spicing up your rhythm part. Dealing with involved chords and progressions. What the symbols mean. Chord melody.

2. Leads: What to do when it’s your time for a break. Getting the notes to flow. What are the good notes? Melodic and harmonic improvisation.

3. Questions and coaching.

Players of all styles and levels are welcome. Handouts available. Audio recording permitted. Manuscript or notebook encouraged, along with mandolin, pick, questions, concerns, and a willingness to go looking for the good notes.

Here’s Don in action (along with Robbie Fulks) at the Hideout in Chicago:

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