Young Fiddlers Association Fiddle Workshop, February 18 at 1pm

I’ll be teaching a fiddle workshop for kids on February 18, 1pm, at the Tapestry Folkdance Center at 3748 Minnehaha Avenue South in Minneapolis.

The workshop is being organized by the Young Fiddlers Association, who put on a lot of great events for fiddlers between the ages of 8 and 18. Visit for more info or to register.

If you’re planning on attending the workshop, here’s a preview of what I’ll be teaching (no need to study up in advance — this is just FYI).

We’ll be working on a two-tune medley in the key of G: Big Sciota (a traditional tune named after the Scioto River in Ohio) and Mississippi Palisades (a tune by Illinois fiddler Chirps Smith). In addition to teaching the tunes, I’ll be going over a few common intros and endings to fiddle tunes in the key of G.

Click to download PDFs: Big Sciota, Mississippi Palisades, and Common Intros and Endings in G.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me using the form on my “contact” page.





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