Help The High 48s Record Their New Album — Contribute to our Kickstarter Campaign!

This winter, The High 48s will be traveling down to Nashville to record and album of bluegrass train songs with Grammy-winning producer, engineer and dobro player Randy Kohrs. The album will be a collection of High 48s originals along with some choice cover songs from the likes of Greg Brown, Robin and Linda Williams, Muddy Waters and Minnesota’s own and friend of the band Becky Schlegel.

We’ve been in rehearsals for this album for the last couple of months and we’re so excited to get down to Nashville and get it all down on tape (so to speak)! And we’d like to ask for your help, so we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign.

Visit our Kickstarter page by clicking here. You can help us out by pre-ordering a copy of the CD or digital download or buying a t-shirt or hat. We’re also offering some great rewards for contributions at every level, like house concerts or workshops or a personalized High 48s ditty for the outgoing message of your voicemail or answering machine.

You can also help us out by spreading the word about our Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter and by plain old word of mouth.  Here’s the link:

Thanks for all of your support! We look forward to having a new album to show you by early spring 2014. And with your help, we can make that happen.

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