Tonight at Underwood Studios

Tonight The High 48s went to Underwood Recording Studios in Minneapolis to record one more track for our soon-to-be-released album. For this song, we chose to abandon our usual method of working, which is recording over a click track (a metronome, basically) with each instrument isolated in its own room, on its own track, using headphones and all manner of studio je ne sais quoi.

Tonight we went old school, recording everything live in the same room, making music around a few very nice microphones.

After making so many records the modern way, tonight was a reminder why so many old records, from the countless string band sides of the 20s and 30s to the many Downbeat albums produced by Rudy Van Gelder at his studio in New Jersey and the hundreds of classic country singles cranked out, with industrial efficiency, at places like RCA’s Studio B in Nashville, sound so amazing.  Mostly, they were all just recordings of music happening live in a room. Simple. No headphones, no isolation booths, no fixing it in the mix, no autotune, no emailing tracks back and forth across town or around the world. Nothing to get in the way of musicians interacting with musicians in real time.

When the band is all working together and the music is right, there’s nothing better. It’s just plain good for the soul. Not to mention the ears.

We’ll be doing this again soon!


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